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All About Just Because Treats

Although the three of us grew up in South Tampa, Florida, and graduated from Robinson High School, it was our workplace that brought us together.

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Hi, we’re Jill, Barbara, and Tracey


How Just Because Treats Came To Be

We worked together for the same company for over 30 years. In fact, Jill hired Tracey. We shared a passion for giving back by supporting company fundraisers which is where we introduced our mouthwatering cakes.

Our co-workers loved the cakes! 

So, with their encouragement, and the support from our families and friends, we decided to take our baking adventures to the next level. 

And just like a great cake is made from the perfect mixture of fine ingredients, so too is our partnership. In 2010, with Jill’s passion for baking delicious rum cakes, Barbara’s creativeness, and Tracey’s attention to detail, Just Because Treats was born. 

Here We Are Today (How About That?!)

Fast forward a decade and we’re still rocking the rum cake world! We’re now more dedicated than ever to making our delicious cakes easily available to our loyal customers. 

Our journey together has taken us through exciting times such as appearing on a local news station, selling out at Tampa Bay area markets, and supporting our local charity events. 

Be on the lookout for a monthly cake club as well as special offers, contests, and giveaways…Just Because.

 Just Because Treats is more than just an awesome specialty rum and whiskey cake business – it’s a dream come true for the three of us.

~ Jill, Barbara, and Tracey

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