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The Perfect Hostess Gift

Summer is just a fond memory.  We’re now looking forward to cooler weather and the holiday season.

Believe it or not, some people think of Halloween as the beginning of the party season.  Even adults like to use it for an excuse for a festive fun filled time to celebrate. 

So, you’ve been invited to a Halloween party and you’ve already decided on the perfect costume.  Now the question is “What should I take as a hostess gift that everyone will enjoy?

A tantalizing Black Cherry Whiskey cake that screams “EAT ME!” or a Salted Carmel Whiskey cake that has the warm and cozy flavors of fall.

Thanksgiving is up next.  Every host or hostess would appreciate an Original Rum cake to serve to their guests.  After eating Thanksgiving dinner some guests may say they are too full to eat dessert, but once they find out there is moist and delicious Rum cake they will certainly change their mind.  Besides, we believe there’s a separate compartment in everyone’s stomach just for dessert, so there’s always room for Rum cake!

Then comes December, the most exciting month of all.  Everyone is in full party and gift giving mode right through to the New Year.   What better gift than a Rum or Whiskey cake from Just Because Treats. 

All Just Because Treats cakes come beautifully packaged

The moment the hostess sees the beautiful pink box and realizes what you have brought, she will be smiling from ear to ear.  However, she will then have the to decide if she wants to share it with guests or slip it into the pantry and keep it all for herself. 

Since this is the season of giving, you can take the pressure off her by selecting from a variety of cake sizes.  By bringing a large cake to be shared at the party and a smaller cake for the hostess to enjoy later, she won’t need to make that agonizing decision. 

Whatever flavors and sizes you decide to take to parties our cakes will show your host or hostess how much you appreciate their invitation and leave their guests wanting more!

May your holidays be filled with as much love and joy as we get from baking cakes!  Happy Holidays!

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