Cake Bake Inspiration and Appreciation to the JBT Husband A-Team

February 14th is the day set aside to show the love and admiration we have for that someone special in our lives. The JBT Chix are blessed to have what we lovingly call, our Husband A-Team.  Our dedication to our cakes and customers is a priority, but we could not do it without the love and support of our husbands.

From the left: Steve, Kevin, Ernie

To get to know this amazing Husband A-Team check out our Q&A

What do you love most about your husband?

Jill – Steve always puts me first. He is a great dad, grandpa and is somewhat of an outlaw. He loves to drive anything & everything that goes fast (our 3rd date was a the race track where he drag raced a motorcycle). Overall, he is a really good man who always watches out for me. 

Barbara – Ernie is a good person, is always willing to help others and goes along with whatever shenanigans I plan for us. He is always willing to work on all the house projects I come up with even when he thinks they are unnecessary but he does it because he knows I want it.   He works hard and always makes me laugh.

Tracey – Kevin is the ying to my yang, the sweet cream in my coffee, the icing on my cake, the rock in our roll – you get the picture; I love him for so many reasons, but I appreciate how he has strengths where I have opportunities and he accepts me as I am.

How did you meet your husband?

Jill – Blind date

Barbara – Through a football pool.  He thought it was funny how I picked my teams and used to tease me, but he was surprised when I won.

Tracey – playing volleyball and being youth sponsors at church

How long have you been married to your husband?

Jill- 28 years

Barbara- 13 years

Tracey – 26 years

How did he ask you to marry him?

Jill – In his living room on bended knee (exactly one year to the day of our first date).

Barbara – It’s hard to explain this one so others would understand, because it was kind of goofy, but for us it made sense.

Tracey – he organized a secret, romantic dinner, hosted & served by his youth group kids, then during dessert, proposed, on bended knee.

If your husband were one of our cake flavors – which one would he be and why?

Jill – Original Rum because he’s tried, true, steadfast and traditional; plus he can sell the heck out of it. 

Barbara – It’s a toss up between the Black Cherry Whiskey and Salted Caramel Whiskey, but I lean more toward Salted Caramel.  He is a salty exterior but on the inside he is sweet and caring (Shhhhh, just don’t tell anyone).

Tracey – Definitely Black Cherry Whiskey; he has that smooth, warm, sweetness to him, but loves to kick things up a notch!

Steve enjoys going out on his boat, helping his neighbors with projects, loves Blues music and playing guitar. He wears many hats on our JBT Team such as CCDO (Chief Cake Delivery Officer) and JBT DD (designated driver).
Kevin enjoys playing and singing bass in his band, River’s Crossing and can often be found playing bass for his church’s worship band, as well. He loves all things music and is always up for attending a live concert and hanging out with friends and family. Kevin’s artistic abilities lends to helping JBT with our graphic artists needs.
Ernie (aka our “the Running Man”) enjoys running and can be found almost every weekend participating in 5k, 10k or half marathons. He is our talented IT fix-it guy and keeps all our electronic needs running smoothly. He loves music and dancing and the JBT crew appreciates Ernie’s passion for photography as our personal paparazzi for all our crazy adventures.

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