600 Photos and Wine

(Lots of Wine)

We previously shared with you that our photo shoot was a success, but we had no idea that during the two days we’d take over 600 photos – Yikes!!! That’s a LOT of photos to download and a LOT of photos to scroll through and narrow down to a handful we’d want to use. 


chocolate rum cake with red wine

Our downloading attempts were a bit challenging. The amount and size of the photos kept causing the laptop to crash. We finally got some photos downloaded on one laptop and decided to have Barbara download the rest when she got home. But, what we didn’t think about was having photos split between two laptops might be a whole other challenge.

Getting photos mixed up and duplicated became an issue. The next several days would consume Barbara and Tracey’s time as we narrowed down photos, made suggestions and shared editing thoughts (and yes, drank lots of wine as we chatted through phone calls, texts, emails and Slack conversations).

Finally, we all three agreed on the final photos and you would think that would be the end of the photo conversation right, nope. Now that we’d picked the photos, we needed to tweak them a bit. You know, remove any unwanted shadows and background (like dogs’ noses, or lizards hanging out on the screened enclosure). Stay tuned to hear about the torture we put our graphic artist through. 


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