2020: The Year of Cake Bakes and Customer Love

2020 brought a renewed focus to the rum and whiskey cakes we love to bake and the customers we love to bake for. That’s why we’ve dubbed it the year of cake bakes and customer love. On top of that, our little business turned 10 years old, so it’s only natural to reflect a bit and give thanks to you, our amazing loyal customer. Thank you!! We also treated ourselves to a new look during the quarantine.

Original Rum Cake image of Rum Cake Ingredients for Just Because Treats in Tampa, Florida

While 2020 is in our rearview mirror and many people are glad to see its departure, the JBT Chix can’t help but reflect that while it was a year of change, sadness, and uncertainty, it was also the year that strengthened the JBT bonds, calling us back to the simpler things in life. 

Windshields Versus Rearview Mirrors

The purpose of a rearview mirror is to see what is behind us, and a windshield frames what is ahead.  When used correctly, both are valuable tools as we navigate to our destination. But have you ever noticed the rearview mirror is much smaller than the windshield (yes, we know you’re thinking, duh) and there is a particularly important reason they are designed that way? Like, what’s ahead is more significant than what’s behind?

Looking Back

2020 brought big changes for Tracey and Barbara, as our careers with the same company for over 30 years came to an end. It allowed us the opportunity to soul-search, pointing us in the direction of where we wanted to go with the 2nd half of our career paths. We look in the rearview mirror at a company where we invested more than half our lives and express our appreciation for the work ethic and skills we developed along the way as well as the lifelong friendships we built and will always cherish.

2020 brought simpler times with regards to staying closer to home and keeping a small, close community of family and friends. Like for many people, virtual visits, drive-bys, and time spent outside and socially distant became a regular occurrence, becoming more creative, playing games, and getting back to the basics of community and visiting.

2020 brought much sadness as well. We learned of family and friends who caught the COVID disease and while, thankfully, most recovered, it broke our hearts to hear of some who didn’t and wouldn’t have the opportunity to look through the 2021 windshield. 

Rearview mirrors are meant to be small. They are there to give us a glimpse of what has happened behind us, but we are not meant to only focus on the past. If we concentrate too long on the rearview mirror one of two things happen: either 1) you are going to miss all the exciting things ahead of you or 2) you may get in an accident because you are not looking out for what is ahead of you.  Conversely, the windshield is big, sits right in front of us, and designed to be our focus – so let us do just that!

Cake Bakes And Customer Love In Our Future

The JBT Chix are excited to see what lies ahead of us in our 2021 windshield and we hope you will join us by looking forward and yes, it’s okay every once in a while to glance into the rearview mirror to remember and appreciate where we’ve come from.  We appreciate the customers who have supported us these 10 beautiful years. We hope to continue baking the best rum and whiskey cakes this side of Tampa Bay for you in 2021 and beyond!

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